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My name is Toni and live in Norfolk, England.

I decided to start this blog simply because I am a huge Horror and dark fiction fan. It goes right back to when I was a child I loved R L Stine’s Goosebumps books and the Point Horror book series. I remember watching the ‘Are you afraid Of the Dark’ TV series in the 90’s with my brother and scaring ourselves silly! I was once credited with a school report when I was about 10 that said I was fascinated with anything ‘weird’ some things never change!

I just love books! I love reading books and talking about books, there is no better feeling than being completely lost in a book that just grabs you and stays under your skin long after you have finished reading it! I don’t just read horror, I love dark fiction in general, this tends to fan out across several genres – Suspense, psychological, Fantasy, Sci-Fi and others. I do enjoy anything enchanted and magical too!

I have recently (November 2020) decided to start reviewing Tarot and Oracle Decks along side the book reviews as a new feature. I am passionate, as always about Indie artists and creators as well as mass market decks. I love to see all interpretations of the Tarot and I love Oracle cards too. Every single deck is a beautiful work of art.

As well as books and cards I am a massive TV and Movie Geek, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Dexter to just name three, I love to talk about these too!

I read because I love it, I’m not a professional blogger, I wish I had the spare time to read a book a day, alas, I have a full time job so when I’m not there I am usually reading books or reading about books or discovering a new deck.

I hope you enjoy the blog, if you are just as nuts about books and Tarot as me or if you are an author or publisher looking to promote your book or Tarot Deck, I would love to hear from you!

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