Welcome to Dark Reads with Toni, you probably guessed my name is Toni, I‘m 34 and live in Norfolk, England.

I decided to start this blog simply because I am a huge Horror and dark fiction fan. It goes right back to when I was a child I loved R L Stine’s Goosebumps books and the Point Horror book series. I remember watching the ‘Are you afraid Of the Dark’ TV series in the 90’s with my brother and scaring ourselves silly! I was once credited with a school report when I was about 10 that said I was fascinated with anything ‘weird’ some things never change!

I just love books! I love reading books and talking about books, there is no better feeling than being completely lost in a book that just grabs you and stays under your skin long after you have finished reading it! I don’t just read horror, I love dark fiction in general, this tends to fan out across several genres – Suspense, psychological, Fantasy, Sci-Fi and others. I do enjoy anything enchanted and magical too!

As well as books I am a massive TV and Movie Geek, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Dexter to just name three, I love to talk about these too!

My blog is brand new, but I will be including book reviews of new books, classic books and upcoming horror and Dark Fiction books. I will be posting features on Authors and Publishers and talking about books releases I cannot wait for! I’m looking forward to sharing reviews and discussing books with likeminded people and showing support for Dark Fiction Authors!

I read because I love it, I’m not a professional blogger, I wish I had the spare time to read a book a day, alas, I have a full time job so when I’m not there I am usually reading books or reading about books.

I hope you enjoy the blog, if you are just as nuts about books as me or if you are an author or publisher looking to promote your book, I would love to hear from you!

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