Flame Tree Press – Fiction Without Frontiers

I wanted to take this opportunity to talk a bit about Flame Tree Press. I’m pretty excited about the the authors and books from this publisher at the moment!

They publish in print and eBook formats with a focus on Horror, Supernatural, Crime, Thriller, Science Fiction and Fantasy, seriously, what more could you ask for?!

With awesome authors such as Megan Hart, Jonathan Janz, Brian Kirk and Hunter Shea just to name a few!

I have been lucky enough to have read 2 ARC’s from Flame Tree Press so far over the last month, and they have both been cracking reads! (reviews coming soon!)

If you love Horror and Dark Fiction like I do keep your eyes peeled for these guys, I’m too excited to see what’s to come from them this year!

To find out more about Flame Tree Press and their upcoming releases, visit their website here

You can also follow them on Twitter and Good Reads

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