July 2019 Round Up

Well July was a month of Blog Tours, many thanks to all of the Tour organizers, Authors and Publishers involved!

I have been really slack with posting all of the lovely book mail I have received over the last few weeks, I will be better this month I promise!

Blog Tours and Book Reviews

The Devils Equinox by John Everson

Read as part of a Random Things Blog Tour – This one had a good old 70’s cult horror vibe, it was reminiscent of Rosemary’s Baby and The Wicker Man. It was fast paced and I whizzed through it pretty quickly. If you like a classic Cult/Coven type read and you don’t blush easily this is definitely one for the to be read list!

Check out my review here

The Fearing (Fire And Rain #1) by John F D Taff

With thanks to Grey Matter Press for providing me with an ARC for review – The fearing is a serialised Supernatural, apocalyptic novel from John F D Taff. This first part really feels like the beginning of what I just know is going to be an epic story. The Fearing so far is fast paced and has left me with a creeping sense of dread for what is yet to come!

Check out my review here

Smile of The Stowaway by Tony Bassett

Read as part of a Random Things Blog Tour – This was a nice fast paced crime thriller; A gruesome murder, Stowaways, People traffickers and drug dealers, if like me you enjoy a classic murder mystery, I would definitely recommend you pick up a copy of this one!

Read My review here

The Closer I Get by Paul Burston

Read as part of a Random Things Blog Tour – This is a story of Stalking, obsession, delusion, lies and deception and I loved every minute! The Closer I get was a dark psychological thriller. I would pick up another Burston book in the blink of an eye. This one comes highly recommended from me.

Read my review here

They Kill by Tim Waggoner

Read as part of a Random Things Blog Tour – Wow, what an eventful read! Brilliant characterisation, extreme gore and body horror, all things I love!!

Check out my review here

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