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Welcome to Dark Reads stop on the Random Things Tour for Sins Of The Father by FG Faherty. Thanks to Anne and Flame Tree Press for inviting me to take part.

As some of you will have noticed, I have been away for a while, there has been so much going on during these uncertain times for everyone. I feel like I am completely out of the loop and have missed you all, I’m so pleased to be back and what a fabulous book to come back with!

About The Book

Henry Gilman has spent years trying to separate himself from his father’s legacy of murder and insanity. Now he has the chance – all he has to do is figure out who’s been killing people in Innsmouth.

Then he’ll be a hero and win the heart of the woman he loves, Flora Marsh. But soon he’s caught in a web of danger, with the undead stalking the streets at night, a terrible monster lurking below the city, and a prophecy of destruction about to come true.

In the process, his actions cause unwanted consequences and to save Flora he has to do the very thing he’s spent his life trying to avoid – follow his father’s footsteps into madness.

  • Paperback: 288
  • Publisher: Flame Tree Press
  • ISBN: 1787584070

Get your copy directly from Flame Tree Press or via Amazon

Dark Reads Review

I just love a Lovecraftian style Creature Feature!

The opening chapter throws you straight into the action with our protagonist Henry, examining a corpse in the fog laden streets of the infamous town of innsmouth, a town in the midst of a plague, although this is not a victim of the plague, this is a murder victim and all is not as it seems. 

Henry is a shunned medical student, working in the local morgue, living in the shadow of his father before him who had committed grisly experiments and was committed to the Arkham Sanatorium as a result (you will have to read to discover the nature of his crimes!)

The story is told in the first person, which gives a nice insight into Henry’s thoughts as he descends towards the mindset of is father. Henry is fundamentally flawed but totally relateable, and although very arrogant at times, on the whole I liked him. There was no real insight or character development surrounding the other characters and as a result I didn’t really form any opinions

One thing that really struck me with this book was the dialogue and writing style. It was perfectly appropriate for the time period and felt like a book that was written in the early 20th century rather than a modern book written to replicate it. This made it a really enjoyable, smooth read for me.

The Sins Of The Father is full of mystery, gore, rotten flesh and of course plenty of tentacles. My only complaint is that for me, I felt the sense of suspense and dread that could have been created with this type of story was slightly lacking, possibly due to Faherty showing is full hand a little too early in my opinion. The ‘unknown’ is always more scary right?

Overall, I this was a great read, it was fast paced with lots of twists and turns that will keep you page turning until the end. Definitely one to read for all of you Lovecraft and Cosmic Horror fans out there. I would pick up another Faherty book in a flash.

About The Author

A life-long resident of New York’s haunted Hudson Valley, JG Faherty is the author of 7 novels, 10 novellas, and more than 75 short stories, and he’s been a finalist for both the Bram Stoker Award® (The Cure, Ghosts of Coronado Bay) and ITW Thriller Award (The Burning Time).

His latest novels are Hellrider and Sins of the Father. He writes adult and YA horror, science fiction, dark fantasy, and paranormal romance, and his works range from quiet, dark suspense to over-the-top comic gruesomeness.

He is actively involved in various professional writers’ organizations, including serving as a mentor and library liaison, and he conducts writing programs for young adults at local libraries and schools.

As a child, his favorite playground was a 17th-century cemetery, which many people feel explains a lot.

Author Website and Twitter

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