Book Review – Tarot By The Moon by Victoria Constantino

Welcome to Dark Reads, today I’m bringing you a review of Tarot By The Moon by Victoria Constantion. With thanks to Markus and Llewellyn for sending me a copy for review!

About The Book


A Month-By-Month Guide to Spreads and Spells for Abundance, Protection, and Spiritual Transformation

The energy of the moon has an undeniably powerful influence—on people, on plants and animals, and on the cycles and rhythms of the world. This book provides month-by-month tarot spreads, spells, and rituals to help you manifest the changes you want for yourself and your community.

Author Victoria Constantino provides guidance for the ideal time, day of the week, or moon phase that best supports the specific spiritual work that you want to focus on. Explore spells and practices for home clearing and blessing, summoning a new career opportunity, finding your spirit animal, cutting cords, and many others.

Delve into tarot with spreads for relationship renewal, connecting with your higher self, letting go, tapping into your potential, and more. Tarot by the Moon is a masterful guide to creating positive transformation with the cyclical magical energies that play such a powerful role in our lives.

  • Paperback : ‎264 pages
  • ISBN-13 : 9780738767123
  • Publisher : Llewellyn

You can order a copy directly from Llewellyn or via Amazon

Dark Reads Review

I have been so excited about reading and reviewing this book! Those who know me know I love the Moon so my interest was piqued as soon as I read the title. On first glance you may think this is just another book with Tarot spreads, but it is MUCH more than that!

The book is divided up into 13 chapters, one for each month of the year and the corresponding moon for the month and a further chapter for the Blue Moon. There are 64 spreads, 42 spells, rituals and sidebars in each chapter.

Each chapter talks about the energy that the Moon for that month brings and then provides spells and rituals to tap into that energy.

For example; April – The Pink Moon, the energy that comes with the Pink Moon is about tuning into your internal guidance, reflection and clarity. The spreads and rituals in this chapter include Tuning into your internal guidance, Summoning Happiness and Sidebars on Shining your brightest and more.

I will share a few pics from this chapter for you to see how the book is laid out and how beautiful the content is!

Each Chapter has a title page with details of the Moon and the energies along with the types of spreads and rituals in each.

Above is an example of the sidebars included

I love the way the spreads have been created and explained, they are extremely user friendly and appropriate for all levels of experience

Example of a spell, also beautifully written and explained. (I hope you can read this ok, it’s difficult to get a good image of text from the page of a book)

Each chapter follows the same layout.

There really is so much information in this book, I shared one of the sidebars above but just to give you an idea on some of the things covered in the sidebars throughout.

Shuffling and drawing Tarot Cards, The Art and science of meditation, planting the seeds of intention, when your significator card changes, on the timing of spells and rituals, the wisdom of flowers and animal symbolism in Tarot, just to name a few!

I also wanted to talk about how amazing the introduction to Tarot By The Moon is. There is a wealth of information. It talks about the correlation between Tarot and the Moon, interpreting Tarot, Suits and court cards, Numerology, symbols and imagery seen in the Tarot and what they mean, days of the week and corresponding energy, the influences and qualities of the Moon phases and color correspondences.

Tarot By The Moon is much more than your run of the mill spread and ritual book. It is a treasure trove of information and teaching, it’s an amazing tool for learning and self growth. I would recommend this for anyone who reads Tarot or is learning to read Tarot.

Tarot By The Moon is fresh odd the press, published in the US in August 2021 and the UK and Canada September 2021, if you haven’t ordered a copy yet my advise would be, go order a copy now!

About The Author

Victoria Constantino (Birmingham, AL) is a longtime tarot practitioner and seeker of visionary wisdom.

She spent more than a decade as an editor and publisher of literary fiction and non-fiction, and was the managing editor for a prominent women’s lifestyle magazine.

She left the field of publishing to focus on her writing and spiritual practice.

Her previous publications include poetry and fiction, and instructional guides for a business publisher. She attended the University of Oxford and holds a master’s degree in writing.

You can learn more about Victoria on her Website

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