Fangtastic Tales of Werewolf Savagery by Toneye Eyenot

La Lluna Plena – the Full Moon – that beautiful and mysterious celestial body which stirs within us all those deep, dark emotions we do our best to subdue and control. For some of us, her influence runs deeper, much deeper. We all walk beneath her maddening rays, yet, while most may shrug off the notion that inside us all resides a beast – a savage wolf – there are those of us who embrace the monster within and ride that lunatic wave with abandon each time she casts her gaze upon us.

Some see it as a blessing, others…a curse. To be bitten, and fall prey to murderous urges beyond our control, or to have the good fortune to be born into the pack, or perhaps even to whisper words of spell in order to evoke the lycanthropic gift, there are more than a few ways to cast aside the human skin and let loose the wolf within. Those ways are explored throughout this collection of werewolf terrors.

Suspend disbelief, dear reader, because whether you care to admit it, or continue to live in ignorant bliss, we walk among you. We smell the blood as it courses through your veins and taste your fear on the breeze. We long to see the life drain from your quivering flesh as we gorge. Beware the Full Moon, as you are about to enter the world of the Werewolf.

Dark Reads Review

2 Stars!

Thanks to Toneye Eyenot for providing me with an ARC copy of this book in return for an honest review

This was a collection of 5 short stories that celebrate everything Werewolf.

The authors passion for the subject matter is clear in his storytelling, there is plenty of gore and grizzly imagery, as you would expect. I enjoyed the fact that most of the stories were told from the Werewolf’s POV.

There were some really good inner conflict scenes in ‘Blood Moon Big Top’ after Pebbles the clown gets bitten and undergoes the transformation from human to Werewolf, as he battles with his human conscience and animal impulses.

Unfortunately I did struggle with this collection, I found that with all of the stories being on the same subject, the language and descriptions felt repetitive, there was no real depth or sense of direction to the stories which is a shame, this one just wasn’t for me.

If you like a fast paced Werewolf Gore-fest I would recommend you check it out!

  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • File Size: 314 KB
  • Publisher: Luniakk Publications
  • Pub Date 21st March 2019

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About The Author

Toneye Eyenot hails from The Blue Mountains in Australia. Although writing horrible tales for the better part of 30 years, 2014 saw his first published work in REJECTED for Content – Splattergore through JEA Press. His debut Dark Fantasy/Horror novella, THE SCARLETT CURSE is book one in the SACRED BLADE OF PROFANITY series, released in 2014 through JEA, is now unpublished to be re-released through Luniakk Publications. Book II in the series, JOSHUA’S FOLLY was released in 2016. Book III in the Sacred Blade of Profanity series is currently being conjured; all of which also await republishing through Luniakk.

His stories appear in all 6 REJECTED FOR CONTENT editions, as well as dozens more anthologies. Eyenot is also the editor for a werewolf-themed anthology series – FULL MOON SLAUGHTER 1&2, and several other anthologies. 2018 saw the author emerge from the shadows with terrifying results as Eyenot branched out with Luniakk Publications.


Toneye’s obsession with werewolves, blood, coffee and Death, along with Eyenot’s relishing of darkness and the many realms of insanity, merge together to manifest as pure evil on the page. Take a bewildering stumble through the minds of a luniakk.

You can find out more about Toneye on his website and follow him on Twitter.

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