Book News! Bird Box Sequel ‘Malorie’ Confirmed by Josh Malerman

With Bird Box being easily one of my favorite reads so far this year, I can’t tell you how excited I am about this!

In an interview with Esquire last week, Josh Malerman confirmed that he has been working on a sequel to his 2014 book Bird Box.

Malorie will be set a short time after the first book left off (AMAZING!) I remember finishing Bird Box and wondering what life was going to be like for Malorie, Boy and Girl in the new, seemingly safe place they had eventually got to and what would happen to them next.

I mentioned in my review of Bird Box that I was totally invested in the characters, even though I felt I didn’t really start get to know them properly until towards the end of the book, now we can continue with their story! (Claps hands excitedly!!)

Malerman has said that this book will continue with Malorie’s story specifically, and we will also get to learn more about the ‘creatures’. He said ‘we get to know both Malorie and the creatures better’

Malorie it set to be published on the 10th October 2019 and I cannot wait!

If you haven’t read Bird Box yet I suggest you do in time for this sequel, I just know it’s going to be awesome!

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    That is fabulous news… The best today… So excited

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