Tarot Deck Review – Rainbow Heart Tarot by Rachel Rosenkoetter

Welcome to Dark Reads, today I’m bringing you a review of the beautiful Rainbow Heart Tarot by Rachel Rosenkoetter. I’d like to start with a big thanks to Rachel who sent me a deck for review.

The Rainbow Heart Tarot is a 78 card indie deck printed on 350 GSM stock. It is bright, bold and psychedelic with beautiful hand pained illustrations by Rachel.

The deck is RWS with the traditional Majors and Minor suits. This is an artistic interpretation for sure but I think the messages and imagery in the cards are very clear so this would be a perfect deck for beginner or advanced readers.


The deck comes in an equally vibrant box with the card back design on the box, it’s sturdy and looks brilliant on the shelf.

The Guidebook

Included with the deck is a 24 page black and white guidebook which includes an introduction from Rachel on the creation of the deck. There is a black and white image of each card with keywords for the meanings of each card.

I would have loved a little more information on Rachel’s interpretations within the artwork on the cards, but this is just a personal preference, I love do delve into the artists intention for the cards.

The Cards

OK let’s get onto these amazing cards.

The stock is really good quality, sturdy but still riffle shuffles. The cards are larger than standard Tarot size, they are more Oracle card size, I have small hands but they still over hand shuffle with no problems.

They have what I would call a satin finish, they aren’t overly glossy but they aren’t a Matte finish either.

The card backs have the groovy heart and rainbow design (not reversible)

I’m going to share a few of my favorite cards, I’m not going to do a full flip through so you can discover the cards yourself.

I just LOVE The Star card. I love the way you can see the iridescence in the paint that come through in the deck.

The Strength card – there is a slight deviation on how the strength card is traditionally portrayed here and that’s what I really like. For me this Strength card shows a more equal balance between our basic drives and higher aspirations, a more evenly matched battle with inner strength. I love it.

The Beautiful 3 of Pentacles, a really clear depiction of team work and collaboration with the three little worker bees all working together on their hive.

I think this is one of the loveliest Death cards I’ve seen. I love the contrast in color as well as the beautiful new flower growing from the death of something else. I don’t k ow how many times I’ve said beautiful in this review (I imagine it’s quite a few haha) but it is just SO Beautiful!!

Where To Order

You can order a copy of The Rainbow Heart Tarot directly from Rachel’s Website or from her Etsy Page the deck is not cheap coming in at $60 (around £45) plus shipping from the US but in my opinion is worth every single penny, each and every card is a work of art.

About Rachel Rosenkoetter

Rachel Rosenkoetter is a visual artist living in Portland, OR. Born and raised in MO, Rosenkoetter received a BFA in Painting from Missouri State University and her MFA in Visual Studies from Pacific Northwest College of Art.

Utilizing painting, collage and installation, her work investigates mysticism and states of being. Revealing symbols and bodies as potent with sacred potential, she harnesses physical forms to speak to a metaphysical ecstasy and excess.

Rosenkoetter is a founding member of Killjoy Collective and creator of the Rainbow Heart Tarot.

Links to find out more or follow Rachel

Overall there isn’t anything I don’t like about this deck. Rainbow Heart Tarot is a beautiful vibrant work of art, it gives me a real psychedelic 70’s vibe. This deck is perfect for Tarot beginner or veterans alike.

The artwork is unique and beautiful with clear meanings in the cards.

I can just imagine reading these cards in the summer sun, the make me happy. This deck comes highly recommended from me!

Do you have this deck or thinking about a purchase?! I’d love to hear what you think.

My deck interview with the Rainbow Heart Tarot

  • 1 – Describe yourself – 10 of Cups (how amazing is that?!) The happily ever after card, this is a deck that is full of joy, blessings and peace.
  • 2 – What is your strength as a deck? – 9 of Pentacles – I get from this that this is going to be a hard working deck, disciplined deck.
  • 3 – What is your Weakness as a deck? Knight Of Swords – This decks weakness is that it may potentially be very direct and piercing with readings. This is a plus for me but mat be something I consider for reading for others.
  • 4 – Describe me – Page of Swords – The deck sees me as a thoughtful and curious person, a student of communication and seeker of truth.
  • 5 – What can you teach me? – Ace of Pentacles – To take opportunities, to strengthen my roots and to ground and center my body
  • 6 – How can I best learn from and collaborate with you? – 6 of Swords – Move away from destructive things to gain a new perspective
  • 7 – What is the potential of our Relationship? – 4 of Wands – Results, rewards, teamwork and celebration.

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