Dark Reads Is Back!! – Just A Quick update.

Hey everyone, this is just a really quick update as I feel like I’ve been the world’s worst blogger over the last few months!

I’ve been poorly since March, in and out of hospital and have had 2 minor surgeries.

You would think that would be the perfect time to catch up on some reading, being off work and all right?! Nope, it had the opposite effect, hence the radio silence.

I’m back and feeling much better. Its been tough to back into the swing of things but I think I’m finally there!

I have several books and Tarot decks here to be reviewed. If all goes well I will have a deck review up tomorrow and a book review in the next few days.

I want to say a big thank you to my followers who have stuck around.

I don’t know if anyone has written a horror story about a kidney stone from hell, I’m pretty sure I could write one though!

It’s good to be back! 🖤

2 thoughts on “Dark Reads Is Back!! – Just A Quick update.

  1. So glad you’re back

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