Oracle Deck Review – The Dragon Path Oracle Cards by Caroline Mitchell

Welcome to Dark Reads, today I’m reviewing the beautiful Dragon Path Oracle Cards, many thanks to Watkins Publishing for sending me a deck for review.

The Dragon Path Oracle is a 33 card deck. Each card is beautifully illustrated by Tiras Verety.

The deck features Dragons if you hadn’t guessed already hehe. Each Dragon energy carries it’s own teaching or guidence.

The deck is split into 4 groups of Dragons; The Earth Walk Dragons – The Empowerers, The Galactic Dragons – The Connectors, The Grand Master Dragons – The Teachers and The Gardian Dragons – The Keepers Of Wisdom. When we get into the cards a bit later I’ll share a Dragon Card from each group.

The Cards are standard Oracle card size and are on a thick card stock with a glossy finish. Although the cards are nice and thick they riffle perfectly.

You can purchase the deck here

The Box

The box is a lovely sturdy 2 piece box with thumb holes. I really like this box as it is barely bigger than the cards themselves so is really compact and fits on the shelf perfectly.

The Guidebook

The guidebook is lovely and packed with information. It talks about the Dragons and how they can assist along with some details on how to use the cards and some spreads specific to these cards.

I have pulled a card for the collective so will share the guidebook page for the card so you can see how it reads.

The Cards

As I mentioned I have picked one of my favorite cards from each of the 4 groups of Dragons to share with you. These are SO beautiful.

How beautiful are these card backs!
From The Earth Walk Dragons. I love, love, love this card. Butterflies symbolise transformation and change and I adore how this has been incorporated into the dragon wings! From the book – ‘A new you is emerging’
From The Galactic Dragons. Connected with the Moon and water. Everything is just in the card. From the guidebook – ‘Embrace and accept what you really feel’
From The Grand Master Dragons. A healing and new Chakra energy. From the guidebook ‘I am the keeper of secrets’
From The Guardian Dragons. Again I just love this card. The nature energy in it is beautiful with the dragons horns looking like stag antlers and the forest setting. This was the first card I pulled for myself from this deck. From the guidebook – ‘it’s time to re-evaluate, to slow down your fast paced life’

I pulled a card for the collective, of course this may not resonate with you all but will reach the people it is suppose to.

From The Guardian Dragons

For this card I’ll share the full book discription so you guys can see how beautifully the book is written.

Sorry I accidently folded this page!

All in all I have nothing negative to say about this deck, I love it. The Art is beautiful and there is so much in the cards for reading intuitively. The guidebook also has so much information and in depth details on every Dragon personality and energy. This deck is highly recommended by Dark Reads! You can purchase yourself a copy of the deck here.

About the Author and Illustrator

Caroline Mitchell – Author

From Caroline’s Website

Caroline is the UK’s leading dragon lady, dragon author and channeler and has been working with the dragons since 2005. She is the author of the stunning Dragon Path Oracle Cards, published by Watkins Publishing.

Caroline has enlightened and shared dragon wisdom with thousands of people across the globe and is also a fourth-generation psychic, intuitive and healer. Currently Caroline runs virtual workshops and a variety of one-to-one sessions

You can visit Caroline website here and follow her social media accounts – Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Tiras Verey – Illustrator

From Tiras’s website

studied Illustration BA at the Arts University Bournemouth, and then went on to achieve a distinction in Graphic Storytelling MA. For my final major project I produced two short graphic novels, ‘The Curse of Mordred’ and ‘Mordred; Bastard Son’, for which I received an ‘Artist of the Year’ award. 

In 2019 I was fortunate enough to take on a short concept art course, which was led by my key inspiration, John Howe (concept artist for the Lord of the Rings films).

Throughout my work as an artist, I have produced illustrations for books, full book cover designs, concept art for films, movie posters, character and creature designs, environmental paintings, logos and brand designs and pencil portraits. 

Some more notable work includes a full deck of oracle cards (Dragon Path) written by Caroline Mitchell, which have since been published by Watkins. 

You can visit the website here

2 thoughts on “Oracle Deck Review – The Dragon Path Oracle Cards by Caroline Mitchell

  1. Wow these are stunning looking cards! The artwork is a beautiful. What a gorgeous thing to review, really lovely ☺️🔮💫

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    1. Thank you! Aren’t they just beautiful! 😍

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