Tarot Deck Review – The Contra Versa Tarot With Keywords by iN2IT Publishing

Welcome to Dark Reads, today I am really excited to be sharing the Contra Versa Tarot with keywords from iN2IT Publishing. As always huge thanks to Debbie, Aria and iN2IT Publishing for sending me a copy of the deck for review

The Contra Versa Tarot is a 78 card deck with contemporary visuals.

The Cards are standard Tarot size with double-sided aqueous coating for durability and a linen finish for easy shuffling, riffling, and handling of the deck.

The card stock is a little thinner than I expected but it doesn’t worry me. The cards riffle perfectly and there is no bending from shuffling. The linen finish gives a lovely tactile feeling to the cards and they smell lovely!

iN2IT have also provided a discount code for all of you Dark Reads readers! Enter the code DARKREADS at checkout!


The cards come in a sturdy 2 piece box, there are no thumb holes but it is a perfect fit, the box opens with ease and at the same the top won’t just fall off when you pick it up.

The deck comes with a small leaflet which covers what Tarot is, how to read the cards, some background on the creation of the deck and some other Tarot tips. The leaflet doesn’t cover card meanings, it’s not needed as these wonderful cards speak for themselves.

The Cards

Ok, I have so much to say about these cards, I will try not to talk too much as I know you will be wanting to see some of the cards!

As I mentioned earlier, the cards have contemporary visuals, this is not often a style I bond with, not in this case. I really enjoy the imagery.

The cards have unique images, the card suit and name, planetary and astrological symbols, a Key phrase along with key words. Sounds busy but it works perfectly.

The Images give a good perspective into the card meaning, and the key phrase works perfectly for a quick reference to the card meaning. With the addition of the key words this is a brilliant deck for beginner readers, as well as the more experienced reader. I find that the keywords bring so much to the deck, even for intermediate and experienced readers, they spark a different insight and intuition on another level for readings.

Another thing I really love is that the planetary and astrological symbols are right there on the cards. I have been looking deeper into these archetypes in the Tarot recently and its really useful having them on each card, after all it’s another thing to try and memorise!

And finally, there are also key words and a key phrase for the reversal on the cards! So excited by this! I generally don’t read reversals, but since using the Contra Versa Tarot I have been.

Ok, I know you want to see these cards! I have chosen 2 cards from each suit, one of each of the courts and a handful of Major Arcana cards so you can get a really good feel for the deck. I’m so excited haha!

If any of the images aren’t clear enough (I hope they are!) click on the image to enlarge

I really love the design on the back of the cards, it reminds me of those magic Eye pictures you used to get, the ones where you would see a hidden image if you focused your eyes differently.

Overall, I don’t have any niggles with this deck. I think it’s beautiful and unique in its visuals and format. I think the Contra Versa Tarot is an amazing tool to boost intuition and learning of the Tarot and I love it.Since receiving the deck it has been my go to set of cards and I’m really enjoying working with them.

About iN2IT

iN2IT publishing have 2 other versions of the deck available, the Classic if you would prefer to have no keywords on your cards This version combines contemporary visuals with a card title and key phrase only.

The other option is The Contra Versa 2X is a two sided, one side with keywords and one side without

They also have a range of Oricle cards including the iN2IT Oracle Zodiac and the iN2IT Twin Flame Oracle.

I can’t wait to explore more of the iN2IT decks they all look amazing!

As I mentioned earlier iN2IT have given an exclusive $5 discount code for Dark Reads. Enter the code DARKREADS at checkout!

You can visit the website and online store here, join the Facebook group, follow on Instagram and Twitter

This one comes highly recommended by Dark Reads, I think it is the perfect addition to any Tarot collection!

About Aria

From iN2IT’s website

In 2014, I began a journey of awakening marked by startling synchronicities, signs, and messages I could not explain. In search of answers, I bought a deck of Tarot cards. I knew nothing about using divination tools to access a “higher knowing”, but as I began an intensive study of the Tarot archetypes, I discovered a rich, new world filled with meaning and an expanded “knowing” of my place in it.

One outgrowth of my spiritual journey was the launch of a YouTube channel where I simply talked about my discoveries in the Awakening process and did Tarot and oracle card readings. Viewers began to reach out for private readings, which enjoy doing, but my ultimate goal is to put intuitive divination tools into the hands of people who want to tap into their OWN higher knowing.

Toward that end, I conceptualized and developed a divination app and got it through alpha testing before I ran out of funds. Based on the Tarot, Lenormand and other forms of cartomancy, the iN2IT app project will be developed at a later stage as I have the means to bring it to fruition!

The iN2IT Oracle w/Bonus Trio was an outgrowth of that project as I needed to create card images which can be used in the app, so I decided to publish them as a deck of oracle cards first. And, successful publication, marketing and sale of these cards helps raise funds needed to bring the iN2IT app project to completion. So when you purchase a deck of my cards, you are helping make the app a reality!

Finally, The iN2IT Oracle w/Bonus Trio is in alignment with the supreme goal of ALL my projects, which is to give people easy-to-use tools to enable them to tap into their own Higher Knowing without having to go to an outside source.


A.K.A. Aria

Finally My Deck Interview

  • 1 – Describe yourself – 2 of Coins
  • 2 – What is your strength as a deck? – King of Wands
  • 3 – What is your Weakness as a deck? – 7 of Wands
  • 4 – Describe me – 9 of Wands
  • 5 – What can you teach me? – 6 of Coins
  • 6 – How can I best learn from and collaborate with you? – The Empress
  • 7 – What is the potential of our Relationship? – 8 of Coins

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