Tarot Deck Review – The Interim Tarot by Linda Benjamin

Welcome to Dark Reads & Deck Reviews! Today I’m going to be talking about The Interim Tarot and the new Kickstarter Campaign from the creator of the deck! Many thanks to Linda for sending me a copy of the deck for review!

The Interim Tarot is really unique deck, based on the Rider Waite Smith system with influences from the Five Element Theory, the 24 hour Circadian clock, the somatic body, fairytales, animal medicine, folklore, mythology, biology, contemporary media, queer theory and literature.

This is a Limited edition, total copies of Interim Tarot in the world are 550! In my opinion this is a must have for any Tarot collection.

You can order a copy via the Interim Tarot website or Linda’s Etsy.

OK, let’s go!


The deck comes in a sturdy two piece box, it’s really well made so that the top doesn’t just fall off and you don’t have to wrestle to get into the box either.

Inside you get a 44 page little white book which I really love. I find sometimes you can have a beautiful and unusual deck but no real insight from the book to the artists interpretations. Not the case here, the book is beautifully written and explains how the art relates to the meanings of each card, its awesome.

There are also two little cards explaining more being the 24 hour Circadian clock and the Five Element Theory.

Cute extra’s that came with the deck

The Deck

The Interim Tarot is a 80 card Deck. The Cards are printed on 310gsm linen acrylic coated card stock (standard Tarot size).

This choice of stock is quickly becoming a favorite of mine, they feel good and shuffle like a dream, both riffle and over hand. The acrylic coating makes them really durable too.

I have the full bleed special edition which includes front and back full bleed printing with rounded corners.

I’m going to show you some of the cards from the Major Arcana, a couple from each suit, 4 Court cards and the 2 bonus cards. That way if you decide to get yourself a copy you still have so many beautiful cards to discover for yourself!

I love these card backs. Not reversible but that’s no problem for me.

I’m going to start with the Majors.

The Lovers card inspired by the Boko-Maru, adherents mingle their souls by pressing the bottoms of their feet together. And a really unique take on Death still showing movement and transition but in a whole new way.
I really connected with The Hermit card being carved into a cliff face with his lantern showing you the way to go within. This Tower card too! Wow. From the book ‘The ragged panic of shattered belief can suffocate’
These are the two bonus cards in the Major Arcana. I’m going to include the book definition of these cards below so you can see how the content is written.
A unique interpretation of the V of Wands. Although this depicts an lone person it represents problem solving and brainstorming as well as argument, tension and rivalry within.
I just love this 3 of Cups! 3 fish jumping in and having a few bevvies. The 8 of Cups card is one of my favorites in this deck, from the book ‘Whale wisdom resides in this inner truth, and brings emotional and physical healing and rebirth. Though painful, the relief and release makes the traveler lighter, able to navigate the rocky terrain, and free to seek the next thing.’ Isn’t that just beautiful?!
3 of Discs – I think ants sum up team work and collaboration perfectly. 6 of Discs based on the myth of Baba Yaga representing both sides of generosity.
Love the Lone wolf for the 7 of Swords

Onto the courts. I have chosen one of each to share with you.

I had to share the Knight of Swords on his snail. This made me smile.

All in all, I really love The Interim Tarot, it’s unique, quirky and surreal in places and I see more and more in these cards every time I pull them. Linda’s interpretations of the Tarot are amazing. I have learnt so many new things and new ways of looking at meanings in the cards. This is the beauty of Tarot and Art, no two humans see things in the same way and its beautiful. I feel lucky to have this deck in my collection.

Don’t miss out on this very Limited edition deck, head over to the kickstarter and take advantage of the early bird offer! (More Info Below)

The New Kickstarter Campaign!

Head over to the Kickstarter here!

Interim Illuminated – An in depth literary guide to the High Arcana of Interim Tarot formatted as a contemporary illuminated manuscript.

The new project goes live today 21st September 2021, at 1:11 CST.

There is an amazing Early bird tier open the first 24 hours for the Deluxe Deck and Book. This will include a signed first edition deck, signed Interim Illuminated book, 2 artist prints, a hand written personal fortune, and a soft enamel pin, patch, and sticker!

There will also be raffle tickets for the Deluxe set (115usd) until October 15 in the Kickstarter.

The raffle will end a week before the Kickstarter will. You can add raffle tickets to your deck orders and if you win, the deck price will be refunded. (Or you could keep both)

Crowd funded art is made possible through community! Free ways to support the project are to share, tag, and comment!

Up until October 15, all tagged posts on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter earn one ticket for the raffle mentioned above!

Links to The Interim Tarot social media accounts





Etsy Shop


About The Author

From The Interim Tarot Website

An interdisciplinary artist, writer, and wanderer, Linda was born and educated at Columbia in Chicago. IL, and has lived across the country from New York City to California and currently resides in Austin, TX.

Born out of early 2020 madness, Linda created Interim Tarot at a chaotic point in time. It was another disruption 4 years prior in 2016, the sudden loss of her father, which led her to the practice of Tarot in the first place. She says

“Ritual places a body into the space it inhabits, and in doing so, helped me move ever so slightly through grief.”

Prior to the 2020 lockdown, Linda enjoyed over a decade career as a massage therapist, a stable compliment to an art practice. The Interim deck is influenced by her experience in bodywork, reiki, and the intelligence of the somatic body, five element theory of the Dao, and acupuncture meridians intersections into connective tissue.

In addition to themes of embodiment, Linda blends interpretations from folklore, fairytales, mythology, animal medicine, and contemporary literature and culture, as well as a dedication to interstitial and intersectional spaces.

The first edition of Interim Tarot was crowd funded in large by Kickstarter in July of 2020, and was released for sale in December 2020, less than a year from the very first sketch.

Currently Linda is compiling an extended full size companion guidebook of the High Arcana as illuminated Manuscript to be released at the end of 2021.

Before stumbling into a her current career as a tarot illustrator, Linda made non-representational tactile paintings and sculptures, often transparent, in acrylic, oil, latex, and plastic, and dreams about making giant paintings and objects again.

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