Oracle Deck Review – Zodiac 108 Oracle by iN2IT Publishing

Welcome to Dark Reads & Deck Reviews! Today I am going to be sharing another deck from the Fabulous iN2IT Publishing. You may recall I reviewed another of their decks; The Contra Versa Tarot with Keywords in August (see review here), I absolutely loved the Contra Versa Deck so I am very excited to be sharing the Zodiac 108 Oracle Deck with you!

About The Deck

The Zodiac 180 is an object based deck with keywords designed to help you access your subconscious mind.

The deck is made up of 12 suits, one suit for each Zodiac Sign. Each suit has 9 cards, the cards cross the energy of each Zodiac sign with Numerology meaning relating to the card number. It is a similar system to what we see in Tarot decks so there is some duality between cards we see here in the Zodiac 108 and in Tarot, I will explain more about that later!

Each card in the deck contains 6 lines of keywords or phrases that have an amazing knack for gaining intuitive insights into the situation.

In total the deck has 132 cards, the primary 108 cards for the Zodiac Suits, 4 element based people cards, 4 seasons and life phases cards, 4 timing cards an 9 yes/no/outcome cards.

The link to the iN2IT website is at the bottom of the page, you can order the deck there!


The Zodiac 108 comes in a beautifully made sturdy one piece box with a magnetic closure. Inside there is a compartment with ribbon for the deck and a seconds smaller compartment for the Gemstones that come with the deck.

As we saw with the Contra Versa Tarot, the deck comes with a Z-fold Pamphlet rather than a guidebook, again these decks are so beautifully self explanatory, a guidebook really isn’t needed. The Pamphlet goes over some information about the deck and the system used for the cards, how to use the deck and some helpful hints.

The Cards & Crystals

Ok, lets get into this beautiful deck! First lets talk about the nice addition to the little bag crystals that comes with each deck. The crystals have been chosen to represent each sign of the Zodiac to help with Harmonizing energy and amplify your ability to receive messages through the deck.

The card stock is brilliant, they are on high end casino quality stock, they are linen finish which has become my favourite stock over the last few months. The cards also have double sided semi-gloss aqueous coating. it makes them feel really durable and that they will last a long time.

I was worried about there being 132 cards with small hands but it is no problem at all, the cards are smaller than Tarot size, they are 60x100mm and they shuffle like a dream!

So, I thought the best thing to do is show you a couple of cards from each Zodiac suit so you get a good feel for the deck.

I mentioned earlier that there is some duality in the cards here and what you may expect to see in a Tarot Deck, I wanted to share an example of that too.

I chose 4 cards to explain what I mean.

Cake – Card 4 in the suit of Aries, Aries is a fire sign so the cake card would have similarities to the 4 of wands in Tarot.

Symphony – Card 3 in the suit of Taurus (Earth) so again we are seeing collaboration and teamwork like we would expect to see in the 3 of Pentacles.

Hammock – Card 4 in the suit of Gemini (Air) – 4 of Swords type of energy

Cat – Card 4 in the suit of Scorpio (Water) – 4 of Cups energy.

I have just realised I chose so many 4 cards! It was unintentional haha!

Two cards from the suit of Aries
Two cards from the suit of Taurus
Two cards from the suit of Gemini
Two cards from the suit of Cancer
Two cards from the suit of Leo
Two cards from the suit of Virgo
Two cards from the suit of Libra
Two cards from the suit of Scorpio
Two cards from the suit of Sagittaurius
Two cards from the suit of Capricorn
Two cards from the suit of Aquarius
Two cards from the suit of Pisces

I think all of the suit cards have been really cleverly chosen, they not only tie in with Numerology and the element of the Zodiac signs, each suit also draws on characteristics of the specific Zodiac sign.

What I love about this deck is it covers SO much, the bonus cards bring so much to the deck too.

The people cover personalities and personality traits.

I love the yes, no and outcome/timescale cards. They really help to clarify when they come up in a reading.

I absolutely love the Zodiac 180 Oracle Deck. It’s high quality and more than that it has so many beautiful layers. Where as with Tarot and some Oracle decks we find ourselves asking loose open ended questions, this deck answers those questions but because of the huge range of cards I find I can get really detailed answers to very specific questions.

If for whatever reason you only wanted 1 Oracle deck I would recommend the Zodiac 108 without a doubt. It’s beautiful in every way. The card stock, the images and the keywords used. It really is a deck you could pick up for any type of reading.

As I said this is the second deck I have reviewed from iN2IT and I have loved both. I can’t wait to descover their future decks.

You can get yourself a copy of the deck here. It’s at the higher price end of the scale at $79 (around £57) but worth every single penny in my opinion.

A Reading For The Collective

I’ve pulled a few cards for the collective on what we need to be aware of during Mercury Retrograde. I may not resonate with you all but hopefully it reaches those it is intended for.

I think right now you need to be prepared for change in your life. You my be unsure which way to go or what option is best for you. Right now things could go in either direction. Really take some time researching your options and weigh up the pros and cons rather than rushing into any decisions.

About Kimberly Aria & Debbie DuBois

In early 2019, Kimberley Aria created the iN2IT Oracle w/Bonus Trio and launched a Kickstarter that successfully raised over $12,000 to bring it into print. Shortly after that, Debbie DuBois, of Compass Marketing joined Aria as marketing partner, and together, they have learned a lot about creating, producing, and marketing innovative divination tools like tarot and oracle decks.

In developing the Z108, Debbie acted as a co-author in choosing keywords and phrases. 

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