Oracle Deck Review – The Wild Elemental Oracle by Michelle Motuzas

Welcome to Dark Reads and Deck Reviews, today I’m reviewing the beautiful Wild Elemental Oracle cards. Many thanks to Jen and Red Feather MBS for sending me a copy to review.

About The Deck

Delve into the mysterious animal kingdom with 44 beautifully drawn oracle cards on black background of animal and mythical archetypes that focus on the four Earthly elements.

Through the included easy-to-use guidebook, allow these majestic creatures to assist you with their messages, lessons, and advice as you follow your own spiritual path. Find your totem animal spirit guide, and experience how animal wisdom adds to your day-to-day circumstances, questions, and long-term growth.

Explore self-awareness and emotional and energetic diversity and understand the importance of Mother Nature. Pick a card a day to meditate on, use the cards as stand-alone pieces within simple to complex spreads, or add them to other oracle and Tarot decks to expand the messages from Spirit.

Find that primal, core piece of you that is waiting to be reawakened with the powerful connection to your animal allies with wild elements!

The Packaging

So we all know I’m a sucker for good packaging and I have to say this deck comes in the most perfect little box!

The box is the size or the cards so it’s really compact with a magnetic closure. It opens like a book and the guide book fits neatly inside.

The box is a beautiful earthy green with a matte and gloss animal print design. It’s perfect for the deck and spot on as far as boxes go. Love it.

The Guidebook

The deck comes with a 95 page guidebook, it’s a bound soft cover book the same size as the cards. The finish on the cover is the same lovely matte and gloss embossed finish as on the box.

The guidebook is really comprehensive and gives tonnes of information on the cards, animal guides and totems and spreads.

The book divides the cards into the 4 elemental categories, Earth, Fire, Water and Air.

The Cards

The cards are absolutely beautiful, they are standard Oracle size and have a glossy finish. They are guided in gold which complements the earthy tones perfectly.

They shuffle really well and there is no sticking even with the glossy finish. I really love the art style in these cards, it reminds me of cave paintings and it gives a really authentic feel to the deck.

The backs of the cards symbolise the 4 elements.

I’m going to share a couple of cards from each element group so you can get a good feel of the deck.





About The Creator

Michelle Motuzas has been a psychic medium and a student of shamanism for more than 20 years.

The author/artist of The Shamanic Healing Oracle and The Wild Elemental Oracle, she resides in New England, where she creates, writes, paints, and tends to her own small tribe of animal allies!

A Card For The Collective

I will pull a card from the deck and hopefully it resonates with some of you!

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