The Runes – A Grounding In Northern Magic by James Flowerdew

Welcome to Dark Reads! Today I’m excited to share my review of The Runes by James Flowerdew for the Random Things Blog Tour. Many thanks as always to Anne and to James for sending me a copy for review

About The Book

The runes are more than an ancient alphabet. They are a key to the wisdom of the ancient peoples that used them in both language and magic.

THE RUNES, A Grounding in Northern Magic by James Flowerdew aims to help you on your first steps to divining with The Runes and using the magic of these ancient peoples.

Actual practical success and failure is also shared candidly in the hope that the reader can learn in a safe and steady manner. All combined into a neat guide to Runic practices and the inner workings of this ancient alphabet.

Full of direct references to ancient texts, as well as ripping yarns and poignant anecdotes, this book demonstrates Rune magic and the underlying principles and culture that inform it, as well as some general magical practices.

This guide helps make sure that the reader’s first steps into Runic mysticism are on solid ground and allows everyone who wishes to work with The Runes to make intelligent choices of their own.

  • ISBN: 9780993227226 (PAPERBACK)
  • ISBN: 9781914090455 (EBOOK)
  • £9.99
  • 312 pages

Dark Reads Review

Wow, what a book! For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by the mystery of The Runes and only wish I had a book like this one when I was first researching and learning.

This Runes not only talks about the Runes and their meanings but goes so much further than that. It is steeped in history, Folklore, Norse Mythology and is unbiased in exploring the light and dark ways Runes have been used throughout history.

Although this is a non fiction book it is written in a beautiful conversational way that makes it an absolute pleasure to read. Flowerdew’s knowledge and writing style are second to none and his personality seems to jump off of the pages.

The Runes are so complex with multiple meanings and some guides can make you feel that you are only scratching the surface of the meanings. Not here, there is so much information I feel I have learnt a massive amount more than I thought I knew.

Also I have to mention the beautiful art included throughout the book, they really bring the words on the pages to life.

This is an absolute must read for not only those who want to learn about Runes, but for anyone who has an interest in History, Norse mythology and culture too.

About The Author

Discovering the runes in his early teens, James is an avid folklorist and historian with a particular focus on ancient pagan cultures.

He is a practising neo-pagan with an emphasis on the Northern Tradition, but likes to see that as part of a larger global discourse that spans back to Neolithic times and hopefully distantly into the future.

Trained as an artist and illustrator, James Flowerdew currently writes and paints in Edinburgh.

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