Deck Review – Word Cloud Tarot Happy Toast Deck

Welcome to Dark Reads and Deck Reviews. Today I am sharing a really awesome Tarot Deck from Word Cloud Tarot and Happy Toast. The deck will be widely available next year but is on Kickstarter right now for the chance to back the project! You can visit the Kickstarter campaign here.

The Deck is based on RWS imagery and architypes and is illustrated with aminated art that is unmistakably by the fabulous Happy Toast.

Where this deck is a little it different is that each card has the meanings and keywords included, Adam wanted to create a deck that takes away the having to remember all of the meanings off the top of your head. This makes these cards perfect for beginners but also experienced readers.

The Packaging

The copy I received to share with you is the Gold Supporters Deck. It comes in a beautiful fold out box with a magnetic fastening.

The box is compact, sturdy and comes with a beautiful high gloss finish. You know how I am about boxes, I love them! This really is a beautifully packaged deck.

The Cards

The cards are standard Tarot size and have a satin finish. They don’t stick and they shuffle both overhand and riffle really well.

The card backs aren’t reversible but I love the design!

The cards have borders and each Major Arcana has the card number, that it is a Trump card and the card name.

The Minors have the number, suit and an ‘overall’ key word .

Those pesky Court cards will be a dream to read with all of the key words!

With Tarot and Keywords there will always be some difference in opinion or interpretation of what the card means to the reader, but there are multiple words on each card that will resonate. What I really like as well is that some of the keywords bring up other ideas that I potentially haven’t previously associated with a particular card which only strengthens the way the cards can be read in my opinion.

I’m delighted to say I don’t think there is anything I dislike about this deck. The quality is great, the art is really fun and the concept I love. I wish I had a deck like this one when I was learning to read the Tarot.

About The Creators

Adam is from London and is an Artist, programmer and producer. He has been involved in projects from Tarot decks to cartoons VR sci-fi. You can visit his website here.

Happy Toast Bio from his website –

HappyToast is one man stumbling through art and animation for the last 30 years or so. Covering everything from comics to adverts to music videos to TV and film, he likes to help out where he can.

He’s worked for games companies, developed 3D animation software, has done stuff for advertising and publishing houses, written for magazines and TV studios, and helped run He mainly likes drawing stupid things and making people smile.

Software used includes 3DS MAX, Photoshop, Illustrator, PaintShop Pro, Clip Art Studio, DPaint, Animation Shop, Premiere and Resolve. Traditional artwork is mainly biro, with various inks and paints to colour in.

Go check out his website here.

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