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Welcome to Dark Reads stop on another Random Things Blog Tour! Many thanks to Anne, Flame Tree Press and Jonathan Janz for inviting me to take part. I was provided with an ARC in return for my review.

About The Book

Fearing that mankind is heading toward nuclear extinction,a group of geneticists unleash a plot to save the world.

They’ve discovered that mythological creatures such as werewolves, vampires, witches,and satyrs

were once real,and that these monstrous genetic strands are still present in human DNA. These radical scientists unleash the bestial side of human beings that had been dormant for eons, and within months, most people are dead,and bloodthirsty creatures rule the earth.

Despite the fact that Dez McClane has no special powers, he is determined to atone for the lives he

couldn’t save and to save the woman he loves.

But how long can a man survive in a world full of monsters?

  • Paperback: 256 Pages
  • Publisher: Flame Tree Press
  • ISBN: 1787585298

Get your copy direct from Flame Tree Press or Via Amazon!

Dark Reads Review

The Raven, Wow! I have so much to say.

I have not read a Jonathan Janz book yet that I haven’t enjoyed, but I this is my favorite so far, I loved everything about it.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world where Dez is a survivor of a man-made Bio attack known as the Four Winds. Scientists had discovered that the monsters we know from myths and Lore did once exist and now lay dormant in our genetic code. The four Winds attack reignited these codes and the world is now at the mercy of Werewolf’s, Vampires, Cannibals, Witches, Telekinetic’s and many other forms.

Dez is a ‘Latent’ one of a small percentage of the population left who has no ‘abilities’.

The Raven hits the ground running, straight into the action and the scene is set instantly.

‘Finding a dead body wasn’t uncommon – the creatures who ruled the world now didn’t scruple about leaving their victims exposed to the elements. But it was still a nasty jolt to find himself standing on a dead man’s forearm’

Dez is on a mission to track down Keaton, a tyrant who has made his name trafficking people for the flesh trade, selling to vampires, cannibals and other creatures. During an attack Keaton kidnapped Dez’s love interest Susan. Dez has tracked Keaton to the Four Winds Bar, and so the journey begins.

I am a big fan of post-apocalyptic fiction, I love the suspense and the constant search for safety, the distrust between people and the relationships formed between people (and creatures in this case) who would never have normally crossed paths.

I think Janz does this perfectly. The characters have layers and layers of personality and although we are introduced to many characters in a fast-paced story, their personalities are all very discernible.

Dez is a very believable and relatable character, I noted as I was reading the first few chapters, I liked the clever way we get insight into Dez’s character through his diary entries. I like everything about him.

‘Apparently he needed no new issues; the old ones simply grew more corrosive in his isolation. The bad decisions he’d made with Susan. His wife and son. The manner in which he’d spoken to his father. His failure with his little brother. Most of all, the things he hadn’t said and done’

Also, of note we have an awesome female protagonist in Iris, I cannot wait to find out more about her and the others who ended the story together.

Let’s not forget to mention how fantastically brutal and gory The Raven is a no holds barred ride, in true Janz style, many pages are slick with blood and gore and I loved every minute. The detail and imagery were so good I felt like I was watching the scenes unfold rather than reading them.  Possibly not for the faint hearted haha.

I am so pleased that the story was left open for more, not a cliff-hanger, more like the end of part 1 (please let it be a trilogy!) and please don’t make us wait too long Mr Janz!

The world building foundations that have been laid are truly exciting and with so many potential avenues the story could go absolutely anywhere. I’m so excited!

I would usually use this space to note any negative comments or thoughts, but I have none.

The Raven is a fast paced, brutal post-apocalyptic thriller. Awesome characters, engaging story and immersive imagery. I want more and I want it now!

If you haven’t already ordered a copy, I suggest you do so immediately!

About The Author

Jonathan Janz is the author of more fifteen novels and numerous shorter works. Since debuting in 2012, Jonathan’s work has been lauded by Booklist, Publishers Weekly, The Library Journal,and many others.

He lives in West Lafayette, Indiana, with his amazing wife and three incredible children.

You can sign up for his newsletter here, and you can follow him on Twitter.

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